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    under review  ·  Kendra responded

    Thank you everyone for the suggestions and votes for this over the years.

    I’d like to surface up a workaround for the “linking” problem which is mentioned in the comments. For the use case of easing pains around environment setup with a large number of databases, we have had customers find success using code based off Alessandro Alpi’s blog post:

    I do understand that this is a broader issue and hear that many of you also want command line or API support for the product in general.

    If there are specific scenarios or workflows that would be useful to automate for you, this feedback is also very useful, and if you have details on the type of VCS you use and the workflow (such as a branching model) that it would fit in to, that would be very helpful for us to hear as well.

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    Claude commented  · 

    I am very surprised there is still no way to automate the tedious process to linking up databases , or any other operations with SQL Source Control, via some CLI. So much clicking involved when you have to link dozens of DBs.
    Then once the DBs are linked things get worse since for every commit & pull one has to wait for sqlsource to crunch the differences before you can go to the next step. On large databases, especially remote ones, it's really rough.