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    under review  ·  Kendra responded

    Thanks for this suggestion and for the many comments and upvotes. I realize that this is a pain point.

    I have a few shorter-term workarounds to summarize as well as some information on the longer roadmap in this update. I know these shorter-term workarounds aren’t perfect (I summarize the pros and cons), but I’m posting them as they may help a few folks.

    Workaround 1) When data changes to static data need to be made, use a “relink the table” pattern
    One can “cleanly rescript” a static data table in SQL Source Control by:

    • Unlinking the static data table
    • Committing
    • Relinking the static data table
    • Committing

    Pro: This works with the GUI and requires no special knowledge or comfort with TSQL. This may help folks with just a few static data tables.
    Con: This requires extra steps and results in extra commits in the history, which I realize can…

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    Tomasz commented  · 

    Sometimes when we are committing data to our source control, the contents of the file changes not just in places where data have changed, but also data rows that have not been modified are put by SQL Compare in different places. Sometimes there is a lot of reordered rows, making it difficult to review the changes. How can we make SQL Compare not reorder rows to avoid this problem? Thank you! […]

    Thank you for your response! I suspected that the effect I observe is
    probably considered a solution to a performance issue. I will note
    though that from my point of view, you are optimizing the wrong thing:
    computer time vs. human time. We would gladly wait few seconds, maybe
    even minutes more, in order to have clean review in which human does not
    have to spend minutes to look for actual changes.

    Tomasz supported this idea  ·