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    under review  ·  Kendra responded

    Hi everyone. I have merged some User Voice items on this topic of “filtered” static data, as there was significant overlap. I want to share our current guidance on handling scenarios where you need to version a subset of the columns and/or rows in the table.

    With SQL Source control, the best option at this point is to use a post-deployment script for this purpose.

    SQL Source Control introduced pre- and post- scripts in v6.3.

    A post-deployment script gives you a good amount of flexibility over exactly which rows or columns of data you want to include in your project. Example post-deployment scripts for static data are here:

    If you make heavy use of Static Data, we have stronger support for this in SQL Change Automation.

    SQL Change Automation:

    • Supports column filtered static data tables in the SCA plugin in SSMS
    • Supports multiple post-deployment scripts, in case there is…
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    Klaus Espernberger commented  · 

    We also would like to use Source Control for data content.
    But Link Static Data for the whole table is way too much of data.
    We would need this with a where clause to be selective.
    We do have many tables that contain both static and user data.
    So please put this onto the development Goals.