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    under review  ·  Kendra responded

    Thanks for this suggestion and for the many comments and upvotes. I realize that this is a pain point.

    I have a few shorter-term workarounds to summarize as well as some information on the longer roadmap in this update. I know these shorter-term workarounds aren’t perfect (I summarize the pros and cons), but I’m posting them as they may help a few folks.

    Workaround 1) When data changes to static data need to be made, use a “relink the table” pattern
    One can “cleanly rescript” a static data table in SQL Source Control by:

    • Unlinking the static data table
    • Committing
    • Relinking the static data table
    • Committing

    Pro: This works with the GUI and requires no special knowledge or comfort with TSQL. This may help folks with just a few static data tables.
    Con: This requires extra steps and results in extra commits in the history, which I realize can…

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    Peter Colbourne commented  · 

    Any movement on this? Been using Data Compare regularly and I'd classify this as a serious bug that can lead to data being overwritten and lost in a multi-dev environment. Even for personal use the re-ordering makes it very hard to maintain your sanity. Have started looking into alternative solutions.