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Source Control Migration Scripts - Ability to add before or after main block

Presently a standalone migration script runs before the main block. This seems odd as the point is to migrate data and for that you need schema to be in place.

I would like to be able to add standalone migration scripts to the end of the main block.

We ship databases with some data populated. (This is not simple static data that can be managed using linked tables). We ship for example some out the box entities such as Roles, A base User, a base Organization etc. They have circular references so to insert we have to turn off table constraints, add the data and re-enable. It would be great if we could add the script to do this to the end of the migration block rather than to an object at check in.

I propose you type Migration scripts:

1 Schema Migration - you have this whereby it is tied to say a table update
2. Pre Action Migration - executes before any main part of the checkout
3. Post Action Migration - executes after the main checkout block

The inability to do this is causing quite a bit of cussing on Forums.



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