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  1. Ability to exclude static table columns when deploying static data  ·  under review

  2. Increase performance of SQL Source Control when using Static Data. Even with small amount of static data the performace is simply not accep

  3. Excluding columns from data comprison with options to include them in the deployment script

  4. Deploy static data in commit order  ·  declined

  5. Pay attention to case changes in static data tables even if case insensitive collation used

  6. I just want to add, query by query, to track changes. When i commit a query, the whole damn DB of queries (1000+) loads. Too cumbersome.

  7. Choose source control label as a version of a data source

  8. Support for PDW (Parallel Data Warehouse, aka APS)

  9. Support for Azure Data Studio formally (Microsoft SQL Operations Studio)  ·  started

  10. Highlight Implicit Conversions due to Data Type mismatch

  11. Build Plugins - Ignore Static Data

  12. Choose when to calculate static data changes  ·  completed

  13. Change the icon in ssms for the tables that are linked as static data.

  14. SQL History showing the query on the preview pane while hovering  ·  under review

  15. Format MDX  ·  declined

  16. Allow comparing/synching static data from source control  ·  declined

  17. Put blue indicators on Object Explorer for changes to static data

  18. Support Change Data Capture (CDC)  ·  completed

  19. Code Analysis: Option to only enable for files, not for adhoc queries  ·  declined

  20. Support for deploying static data  ·  completed